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Piano Practice Tips for Adults

Adults often come to the point in their lives when they want to explore new hobbies. One of the most common hobbies adults pursue is learning to play the piano. It may be the first time they play or a return to a childhood pleasure. Whether you're an adult sitting down to learn the instrument for the first time or you want to brush up on your skills, keep in mind some basic rules of piano practice.Posture is very important. Make sure that the piano bench is high enough. Your shoulders should hang freely, wh...


The Mozart Effect, Piano Playing and You

For years people have enjoyed the beauty of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's music. Those inclined to classical compositions enjoy the intricacies and nuances that are part of his works. His varied music inspires, soothes and invigorates those who take the time to listen to it.Some researchers believe Mozart's music does more than this. They expound on the Mozart Effect, which research suggests that listening to Mozart's music may cause short-term improvement of spatio-temporal reasoning. This spatio-temporal reas...


How To Play The Accordion

An accordion is one of the most interesting sounding musical instruments there is. It combines the sounds of the piano with a keyboard. Learning to play the accordion will take practice but can be a very fun and worthwhile hobby to undertake if you want to learn to play a musical instrument. If you have never played an accordion you should either find a teacher that can provide lessons on the basics or at least purchase a few books for beginners. Having the general idea of how the instrument works and is su...


Piano Lesson: Using The Blues Scale

You can start improvising with the help of the blues scale today. You will learn three easy left hand chords and how to use them in your improvisations.We will use the key of G-major. The first chord to learn is a three finger chord for your left hand that is usually called G13. If we should stick to music theory too literally such a chord would consist of the following scale steps:1 3 5 7b 9 11 13In G-major this would be the notes:G B D F A C EThat's theory, but the chord doesn't sound very nice actually! ...


Piano improvisation: Learn To Improvise On Your Piano By Faking

Do you have a fake book? Just one of those songs could be the source of many meaningful exercises that will help you grow as a musicician and as a pianist.What is a fake book?A "fake book" contains songs written in a concise format that includes only the melody and chords, letting you interpret the song's performance according to your own taste.The songs in a fake book have a single melody written out in notes with the lyrics written beneath the notes. Above the notes of the melody you'll find the names of ...


The Oldest Piano Brands Still in Existence

Many people who are considering buying a piano are definitely looking at older piano brands that will give them top quality. Some of the earliest piano manufacturers are still around, though they may have changed hands several times over the years and are still turning out great quality instruments.With many of these older companies, the instruments are being built in the same way as they were 100 years ago . . . with careful attention paid to the type of wood and age that goes into each piano. The amount o...


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